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Mushroom Availability:

ASIAN MIX- Agaricus 25%; Pleurotus 25%; Shiitake 25%; Hirneola 25%

BLACK POPLAR MUSHROOM- Agrpcube aegerota

BOLETES (slice)- Boletus badius

CHAMPIGNON- Agaricus bisporus

CHANTERELLE- Cantharellus cibarius

CHINESE TRUFFLE- Tuiber indicum

JUDAH'S EAR (whole)- Hirneola auricula judae

JUDAH'S EAR (slice)- Hirneola auricula judae

MIX OF WILD MUSHROOMS (slice) - Boletus edulis 30%; Boletus badius; Suillus luteus; Leccimum carpini; Scabrum; Aurantiacum; Cantharcllus cibarius, 50%; Shiitake; Pleurotus ostreatus; Agaricus bisporus 20%

OYSTER- Pleurotus ostreatus

PORCINI "B" quality- Boletus edulis

SHIITAKE, (whole head)- Edodes lentinus

SHIITAKE (slice)- Edodes lentinus

WEEPING BOLETE- Suillus granulatus, bovinus

WILD MIX- Leccinum carpini; Scabrum; Aurantiacum


We offer an interesting range of natural, organic forest mushrooms. There are no preservatives, flavorings or any artificial additives in these products. These mushrooms are picked, cleaned, and dried at their peak of freshness. Products of the EU.

Storage and Shelf Life:
Storage shall be under normal, cool and dry warehouse conditions, away from direct sunlight. Each container is marked with the recommended shelf-life.

1.5 or 10 kg bags.

The information contained herein is to the best of our knowledge, correct. The data outlined and the statements made are intended only as a source of information, it is suggested that you evaluate the product on a laboratory scale prior to use in a finished product.